• Legal Chartering

    So what is a legal charter ?

    In order to keep you safe the United States Coast Guard has established a number of rules that charter boat operators have to follow but unfortunately not every charter boat operation follows these rules. We do strictly follow these rules for both your and our safety. Below are some of the major things to be aware of when chartering a vessel.

    No More than 6 Passengers – U.S.C.G.
    Brigadoon is considered a “6-Pack” or UPV (Uninspected Passenger Vessel) which means we legally cannot carry more than 6 passengers (for hire) in addition to the working crew. Please keep in mind that children as well as adults count towards this 6 person limit. We generally will have 2 crew members, Captain and Mate, so there will be no more than 8 people on the vessel.

    Licensed Operator – U.S.C.G.
    The vessel must be under the command, captained, by someone holding a USCG license the size of vessel and are of operation. Your Captain holds a USCG Masters license for inland waters of the the United States.

    Drug Testing – U.S.C.G.
    All crew members of Brigadoon are enrolled in a U.S.C.G. approved random drug testing program.

    Drugs on Board – U.S.C.G.
    While the State of Maryland has decriminalized cannabis use and possession it is not legal under federal law to use or possess on a charter vessel.

    Children / Life Vests – U.S.C.G. and State of MD
    All children aged 12 and younger must wear a life jacket while on board the vessel. We will provide the life jackets for you.

    Safety Equipment – U.S.C.G.
    Brigadoon meets or exceeds all requirements for safety equipment on board the vessel. In addition, your Captains all have current CPR certifications.